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Federated Media touts the most professional on air talent in both the Fort Wayne and South Bend Indiana markets.  

They are local Social Influencers who are effective at driving customers to your business.
Their listeners trust them and consider them friends.  Their endorsement of your business will strengthen your brand in the community. 

SocialInfluencerHeaderWhat is a Local Social Influencer?

Social Influencers aren’t just worldwide known celebrities with millions of followers.  Your local radio personalities have been influencing consumer behavior for years and with many of them having thousands of followers on social media, now their influence goes beyond the airwaves and into the social media newsfeeds of thousands of local residents.  These influencers have built a strong community presence not just through entertaining and informing their thousands of listeners but they connect on a personal level through the community and charitable events that they host.  Their reputation is one of commitment to the community, so people respond to their endorsements with passion.  Beyond the influence they have when they talk about your business on air, their social media brings your marketing to life.  

61% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand they’ve heard from a friend, family member or influencer on a social media platform, while only 38% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand from a social media platform. Many brands avoid influencer marketing because of the perceived heavier investments, but if brands focus on building a network of nano-influencers with less than 5,000 followers, or work with content creators who are happily exchanging a post for a free product, then it can become an extremely profitable channel tactic.

Source:  Forbes Magazine, April 2023


Why you should consider Influencer Marketing

Local radio station influencers have a unique way to: 
•    Build your brand with their followers through engagement and conversation.
•    Align your business with their trusted reputation in the community.
•    Highlight your product or service in an entertaining way.
•    Cut through the clutter of the nearly 10,000 daily ad messages that the average person sees each day. 
•    Authentically connect your brand with their sincere message.
•    Develop large numbers of followers because they are continually promoting their social media accounts on air. 
•    Adapt to new products and technologies that are offered in the social media spectrum.  
•    Give the feel of Hollywood without the price tag.

Want to Learn More? 

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