Gone are the days when prospective employees simply look in the local newspaper for listings of positions that they want to apply for. Even today with recruitment giants such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and more, it’s very difficult to get your business to stand out amongst the hundreds of other recruiters out there. And with today’s very low unemployment rate, the ability to attract the right prospect to your open positions requires creative thinking and a tenacious soul.

That’s where recruitment marketing comes into play. If you rely solely on the above mentioned platforms to market your available positions, you’re not calling attention to your company in a way that drives emotion . Those platforms merely provide a warehouse for your business to place its listing, even if you’re willing to pay to be at the top of the list. While they do market their site to a mass audience, they aren’t marketing YOUR company or YOUR open position to that broad audience. Traditional media such as radio, combined with digital media such as content marketing and digital audience targeting offer a superior way to effectively reach a wide audience of prospective employees outside of these recruitment platforms. In short, you stand out FROM the crowd because these methods can deliver an emotional message that the recruitment websites cannot. That alone will give you the leg up needed to find the right prospects and fill those open positions.

Why you should consider recruitment marketing:
You can highlight your company culture by allowing current employees to be your ambassador.
• You can highlight the specific reasons that people choose to work for your company.
• You have the ability to connect on an emotional level by highlighting benefits such as unlimited PTO that ensures a work life, home life balance.
• Today’s employees and consumers are calling for organizations to contribute to community development by solving social and environmental issues. Traditional media allows you to promote what your company does to support this effort.
• Volunteer time off, or VTO, is becoming an increasingly popular tactic to keep employees engaged while improving local communities. 60% of companies offer employees paid time off from volunteering programs. And a further 21% of companies plan to implement the program by 2024. If your company offers paid VTO, market that!
• Content marketing through blogging is a great way to highlight your company differences and build website health as prospective employees search your website for information about your company.
• Digital marketing allows you to place effective video elements into the newsfeed of prospective employees who are currently searching for new employment.

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