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Jason Lee

Jason Lee & Kluck Show
Mornings: Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 10:00am

Hi. My name is Jason. I work here in Michiana. I’ve been doing radio a long time. Before your father was born and before the Great War. Someday I hope to retire, but no one retires from this game. I have a wife. I have three daughters. I have two female dogs. The four hours of the show are the only exposure I get to sound logic and reasoning. We also have two guinea pigs, I would name them here but they don’t live terribly long. I don’t want to update this every time we lose one. OK, it’s Prince and Gary. They’re very nice pets to have. We share apples sometimes. Anyhow, I spend most weekends traveling for kids sports.  When I get a free weekend, I love home improvement, time by water, and any snowy hill.  I’m a Jeep guy and I can turn any conversation into a conversation about food.


Home improvement projects, any kind of sports, indoor or outdoor, snowboarding, golf, basketball.

Facebook: 14k+ | Twitter: 2,338 | Instagram: 3k+

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Warren Kluck

Jason Lee & Kluck Show
Mornings: Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 10:00am

I’m 42, married 8 years to a very patient woman and father of two cats and one step cat living in Michiana. Radio saved me from becoming the chattiest gas station clerk in the Midwest. It also rescued me from my last 2 years of college. I spend my free time hunting down over-hyped beers, restoring motorcycles I never seem to finish and YouTubing my way through home improvement projects. A proud member of four fantasy football leagues. I like classic rock, old school metal, any hip hop from the 90’s. I grew up in rural Michigan, leaving behind country living and a highly decorated 4H career for the big city. I also consider any town with a population over 5000 to be a “big city.” I enjoy hitting the gym but sadly not as much as I enjoy hitting new restaurants and bars. I carry the emotional baggage of being a lifelong Lions fan. I’m a hugger. 


I spend my time/money/thoughts on the following in no particular order: 
Motorcycle riding, motorcycle/dirt bike restoration, powder coating, zinc plating, DIY home improvement, craft beer drinking/brewing, sports betting, Detroit Lions football, pool care/maintenance, lawn care/maintenance, travel, weight lifting, vehicle care/maintenance, film making, casino gambling, tattoos, grilling/smoking meat (charcoal), tools, garage/man cave building and upgrading, heavy music, EDM music, Apple products. 
I’m pretty much like every other white guy in his early 40s. 

Facebook 14k+ | Twitter: 3.2k | Instagram 3k+

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Heather Rooney

Middays: Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Heather grew up in Minnesota, but has called Fort Wayne home since 2016. She’s always had a passion for entertaining; including hosting her own “show” back in her Girl Scout days where she and older girls would talk about boys they had crushes on. She’s come a long way in her broadcasting career that officially began in 2003 after graduating from Broadcasting School. Heather has been on the air in Minnesota, Texas, Las Vegas and now Indiana. Taking over Middays in 2020 to host her own show, Heather has dominated the ratings and her listeners love how down to earth, relatable, and funny she is. Her openness and willing to talk about the happy and sad from her own life blended with current topics and music facts make listeners feel like they are sitting in the room with Heather just having a conversation. 
When she's not on the air, she loves spending time with her little family. Heather has a little boy, “Baby Co-Host” who was born in 2021. She also has a Boston Terrier named Ryker and an old and sassy cat named Lily. She loves crafting with her Cricut. Loves DIY home projects. Has a slight OCD problem so everything needs to be perfect and well organized, which means her boyfriend is off the hook for many projects. LOL. She is also a passionate Vikings fan who has lived through many ups and downs of every season. SKOL! Here favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold and considers meeting lead singer M. Shadows one of her Top 5 favorite life moments. Don’t worry, number one is having her son. 
On and off the air, Heather has a passion for using her platform for great causes. Heather enjoys teaming up with local charities like FW22 and The Fort Wayne Pitbull Coalition to help raise money and awareness for their cause.


Side interests outside of of radio and keeping my son alive include drinking delicious coffee or wine depending on the time of day, never ending home projects, attending local events for families and or pets, and viewing way too many videos to add to the never ending home projects list. 

Facebook 8,908+ | Twitter 1,798+ | Instagram 1,615+ | TikTok: 191

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Drew Cage

Afternoons: Monday – Friday: 3:00pm – 7:00pm

  • Growing up in Fort Wayne, he had his sites set on radio at an early age.
  • Drew worked for WBYR from 2002-2017 in various roles as assistant PD, AM co-host, evening jock, and music director.  2017-2022 DJ for Sarkes Tarzian on ALT 102.3 and assistant PD for The Twenty, 99.5.  
    2015-2017 Assistant PD, PM Drive Jock WZBH, APD at WGBG
  • Concert Addict
  • Father to 7 shelter cats
  • Former wedding cake baker/ decorator 


I’m basically a 16-year-old with adult money. I’m a big fan of pro wrestling, a comic book / superhero nerd, I like techy stuff like new phones and video games, and helping out animals / animal welfare. 

Facebook: 9.8k | Instagram:1k

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